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 1. Open and choose Mail -> Preferences from the menu bar. In the preference pane that opens, click on the Accounts tab. 


Mail accounts


2. If you already have an Art Farm email account set up, select it by clicking on it in the left field. Continue with step #3.


If you do not have your account set up yet, click the little plus (+) at the bottom left corner to launch the Add Account setup process. (This might happen automatically, if you have no other email accounts set up). Skip ahead to Step #7.


3. On the right side, you'll see the basic account information:


account info


  • set Email Address to your email address.
  • set Full Name to the name your recipients will recognize you as.
  • set Incoming Mail Server to:
  • set User Name: to your email address
  • set Password to your password.
  • set Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): to


4. Click on the Outgoing Mail Server popup and Choose Edit SMTP Server List. A list of your SMTP servers will appear. Select your Art Farm account in the top pane. Below, under the Account Information tab, set the Server Name fieldto


smtp info


5. Click on the Advanced pane and confirm these settings:

smtp advanced

  • Use custom port: 587. 
  • Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) checkbox is checked.
  • set Authentication to Password
  • set User Name: to your email address.
  • set Password: to your password


6. Click Okay to close the SMTP settings box. Click on the Advanced tab in the upper right corner. Make sure the Use SSL checkbox is checked and the Port is set to 993.  Authentication can be set to MD5 or Password.  Click the red gumdrop in the upper left corner of the Accounts window and you're all set. Happy emailing!  


7. In the Add Account pane, enter  your Email Address and Password into the fields provided and click Continue.


add account


8. In the Incoming Mail Server pane, set the Incoming Mail Server to and confirm your email address and password are in the User Name and password fields. Click Continue.


add incoming


9. On the Outgoing Mail  Server pane, set the Outgoing Mail Server to, enable the Use Authentication checkbox, and confirm your email address and password are in the User Name and Password fields. Click Continue.


add outgoing


10. On the Outgoing Mail Security pane, enable the Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) checkbox. Set Authentication to Password and click Continue.


add outgoing security


11. On the Account Summary pane, confirm that the Email Address and User Name fields are set to your email address, both mail servers are set to and SSL: on is set.  Click Create.  The wizard will close and you're all set. Happy emailing!


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