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1. Open Entourage X. If it's the first time running, you'll be presented with the Entourage Setup Assistant. If not, skip ahead to step #6.

entourage setup


2. Fill in the first few screens of information. On the 4th screen, select I want to start Entourage without importing anything and click the right arrow. 

without import


3. Choose I already have an email address. Enter your email address in the field provided and click the right arrow.


I have an email


4. Change the incoming mail server is an IMAP server and fill in the two server fields with Click the right arrow. 


mail servers imap


5.  Use as the Account name and click the Finish button.

account name

6. Choose your artfarm email account from the Accounts list and click the Edit button. A new window will open with most of your settings. 

7. Click the Click here for advanced receiving options button and check the box next to This IMAP service requires a secure connection (SSL). The port will automatically switch to 993. Click in the Edit Account pane to dismiss the advanced receiving popup.


advanced settings


8. Click the Click here for Advanced sending options. Another popup will appear. Enable all three checkboxes:


 SMTP service requires SSL

Override default SMTP Port 465

SMTP server requires authentication.

Select the Use same settings as receiving mail server option.


Make sure the port is set to 465 and click in the Edit Account pane to dismiss the advanced sending popup.


advanced smtp options


9. Click the OK button to finish editing. The first time you send a message, you'll be presented with a SSL error. The problem is that the SSL CA certs included with Entourage X are so old they don't recognize our new SSL certificate. Just click the Don't show this message again checkbox, and click Continue. 

ssl error


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