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1. Open the Windows Live Mail and choose the Accounts tab. 


Email accounts


If you already have an ArtFarm email account set up, skip ahead to Step #5.


2. Click the Email+ button to run the setup wizard. 


3. On the Add your email accounts pane, enter your email address, password, Display name, and enable the Manually configure server settings checkbox. Click Next.


Add your email accounts


4. On the Configure Server settings pane


Set the Server type to IMAP

Set both Server address fields to

Enable both Requires a secure connection (SSL) checkboxes

Enter your email address in the Logon user name field.


When you click Next the wizard will exit and you should be all done. Click on your Inbox and your mail should be there. Happy emailing. 


Configure server settings


5. Since your account is already set up, this section is a review of the important connection settings. Click on the Properties button and you'll see the same Properties window as older versions of Outlook Express and Entourage. Click on the Servers tab: 


Make sure the Incoming and Outgoing mail server is set to

In the lower Outgoing Mail Server section, enable the My server requires authentication checkbox.


Server properties


6. Select the Advanced tab and enable both SSL checkboxes. The Incoming mail port will automatically switch to port 993 and you will need to manually change the Outgoing mail server port to 587. 


Live mail advanced Properties


7. Click the Apply and then OK buttons. You will be returned to Live Mail. On the left side, click on the Inbox and you'll be presented with a list of all your messages. Happy emailing!




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