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Publishing with iWeb

iWeb provides 3 methods of publishing: MobileMe, FTP, and folder. The latter two can be used with your Art Farm web hosting account. The following two examples (one FTP, one local folder) show iWeb properly configured.

Publishing to FTP Server

Publishing to FTP is the most direct method. The "Site name" can be any name you choose. The "Server address" is the same as your domain name. The "Directory/Path" setting will normally be /usr/home/example.com/html. Substitute example.com with your domain name. If you want iWeb to publish in a subfolder, then append that folder name to the path. The "Protocol" should always be SFTP. FTP is not as reliable (firewalls often interfere), is not secure, and is widely considered obsolete. Always use SFTP instead.

Shown are the settings for my family's genealogy web site.

iweb sftp settings screencapture

iWeb using the Local Folder publishing method

The other iWeb publishing method is Local Folder. Publishing to a local folder creates a folder on your computers disk, ready to be uploaded to practically any web server. The resulting folder of files can be uploaded using a SFTP client like Fetch, Cyberduck, or Fugu. If you are technically inclined, rsync is also an ideal tool for uploading the files.

Following is the photo galleries that I publish on my personal web site.

local folder settings sceencapture

I then upload the files to my web server using a bash command that I've added to my ~/.bash_profile file:

alias iweb="rsync -av --delete ~matt/Sites/iWeb\ Albums/albums/ matt.simerson.net:html/albums/"

After publishing the site in iWeb, I type "iweb" in a Terminal.app window and all the changes get automatically uploaded to my web server.

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